Images vol. 1a: reimaginings

by ((S*5))

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I told a friend recently that I understood a "remix" to be a piece of music that undergoes a shift in genre. These nine tracks are all substantial shifts in genre from the solo violin music these songs are based off of. As easy as it will be for any music fan to pick out their favorites from this collection, my hope is that they will hear the whole collection in order, at least once. This collection is as scattered as a landfill, but if the same source material had sparked nine similar reactions, I would not be sharing these with you. It also would have frightened me. We don't make remixes because they are the most important part of today's music culture. We don't make them because they're always meaningful, memorable, appropriate, or even necessary; we usually make remixes because they're fun. So much fun that one of these is my own. Little solo violin songs and improvisations have become full-out deep dance tracks here via Tilman and Leriseux, and they have become slow-burning ambient/dub-inspired tracks via Jay Phonic and Revy. Not unlike the makings of the original material, Public Speaking's recreation is built out of loops and their interaction with one other. Robin Buyer's wildcard submission is an exciting re-scoring of simple source material. Derek Piotr and Cope Ascetic's additions are dark, exploratory soundscapes built of dense layers of loops, effects, instruments and voice. The source material is simple and restrained; these are fantastically extreme reinterpretations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The original Images vol. 1: Violin


released February 18, 2014

Reimaginings by:

Jay Phonic
Cope Ascetic
Derek Piotr
Public Speaking
Robin Buyer




((S*5)) New York

Electric violinist, live looper, experimental dance music, electronic, jazz, contemporary classical

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